Black square Aviator Planet on eBay! BIN $525

  1. Item number: 290025767510
    It's back!!!


    (my camel helmet will arrive any day now... :nuts: )
  2. awwww......... boobies
  3. This was already posted :flowers:

    (it really is a very special bag, and these aviator bags are absolutely awesome --- I remember when they first came out.... I had a huge obsession with the helmet especially. The planets really mesh well with the whole aviator theme, it's very abstract --- all of the things I love, a true work of art :heart:)
  4. I completely agree, this aviator bag is super-cool. My DH became obsessed with the aviator collection after learning about them on AtelierNaff.

    He found one of these in a deep emerald green and it is crafted of soft, buttery lamb leather. I’m not sure if it’s his or mine?!?

    The design is quite genius, because there are large flat pockets on the backside where you can stash tickets and papers for quick access. Plus the pockets on the front are great for coins or lip balm.