Black Spy?

  1. I think I want a black leather spy. I really don't know much about them other than my friend has a hologram one and it is GORGEOUS. I think I'll just take a black one. Of course, I'm pretty sure everything I'm finding online is completely fake...does anyone know where I can buy one online from a reputable site? Also, how much do the black ones go for on eBay if they are authentic?
  2. I have a black spy - I love it! A great size and I dont have to worry about it getting dirty.
  3. You can try
  4. You can also try calling the Fendi boutique around your area. That's where I got mine.
  5. The boutique in NYC has a black one right now- I saw it the other day. I would say you are going to have to pay near full price either way, so just get it through a store :smile: It is a gorgeous bag! It retails for about $2225 plus tax
  6. I saw one in Fendi Houston's Galleria. Try to call them. It's beautiful!
  7. Yup I saw that too yesterday! :yes:

    Sweetea did you see the cognac one too? I was really liking it yesterday. It went great with the outfit i was wearing . I had to leave the store immeadiatley. LOL:lol:
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