Black Spy - rare?

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  1. Hello ladies,

    Need your views. I see ONE black Fendi spy here in the whole city and the SA says its rare. They have the browns and whites and honeys for this season, but this black one has been months in coming. It's $2240 here. Should I get it?
  2. Hmm... I don't know. I sort of remember someone saying that you could get black spys at Sam's Club (yes authentic!!!) so I wouldn't think that it's THAT rare. But I'm not sure. And is $2240 including tax?
  3. Yes, includes tax. I don't have a Sam's club here but I'm buying from the boutique. I'm not saying that the ones at Sam's is fake or anything, but I've seen fakes being sold at K-mart and Carrefoure before, so I don't like buying high-end bags other than from boutiques or places like Neiman Marcus or BG. What do you think?
  4. i have a black spy and i was told black will soon be discontinued.

    I bought it for 1900+ less than 2000. The price did go up a lot.

    However, I did heard someone saying there was a black spy for sale at sams club...
  5. They were selling authentic Fendi Spys at Costco too! It was about $150-$200 dollars cheaper, they soldout fast. Come to think of it, I haven't seen one person with a black Spy....maybe they are scarce. I'm glad I bought one, especially if they might be discontinued?! TammyD, I think you should!....the black is gorgeous and basic.
    (6) Fendi Lambskin Spy Bag - 2075.JPG
  6. Thanks ladies. Only thing is, they have a silver/white hologram one at $2410 which I also love. I wonder if the hologram is a better buy. Only ONE each. What is a girl to do??!!!
  7. Tammy, the silver/white hologram sounds veeeerrrrrrry pretty! it is true what pursemama said-that the black is gorgeous and basic. but if you already have some black bags in your closet, this hologram bag will add spice to any outfit. so perhaps it's best to see which bag goes best with your wardrobe! good luck with your decision!
  8. Go with black-I have it and LOOOOVEEE IT!
  9. I am drawn to black too, cos I wear lotsa black stuff, and its so versatile. But I have a dark brown spy already. Should that affect my decision? I'm really wondering how rare the black is. My dark brown isn't that rare afterall.
  10. Sliver/white sounds so pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I understand your dillemma with the black because you have a brown... hmm... well... if you don't mind both of your spys being a dark color black would be better for all year round purposes... but that white/silver just sounds so yummy!!! Maybe because it's getting hotter and I'm thinking summer... (sorry I'm no help!!!)
  11. I Personally Like The Metallic, Also The Black. Theres Someone On Ebay With The Limited Edition 2 Toned, New Seller. Im Going To Bid On It, They Offer A Money Back Guarantee, And The Bag Looks Authentic Anyway.
  12. I went to check it out. This is the silver/gold one I am taking about!!! there is one here for $2410. I really love it. The SA says the leather is sponged dyed with silver and gold, so you see matte silver with gold undertones. It really is gorgeous. The gold/gold one is shinier, but it's not available here anyway.

    Should I get the silver/gold one then? Since its "limited". I see that the seller is letting it go for $2650!

  13. if you are referring to the black nappa leather - I saw them at costco I believe - in West LA