Black spots on pomme ludlow - is it beyond help?

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  1. I got my pomme ludlow a few weeks back in exchange for the dentelle ludlow and I have used it since every day. Now I found several black marks on it :confused1: on the lower edge of the wallet. I don't know how they got there, I didn't leave pens in my bag etc. I know color transfer is basically there to stay, but is there anything new about what you can do?

    What makes me :cursing: is that I've had a silver (!) billfold that was used for 2 years and stayed color transfer-free, plus I returned the dentelle ludlow for this partly because the dentelle seemed so fragile. It's only a few weeks old too! Do I need to keep it in its little dustbag? Is it a pomme problem? I'm really careful with my bags and accessories, I just can't believe it. :crybaby:

    Now I'm worried about getting another accessory in the new amarante color. Although black spots would be less noticeable there. Ha.

    Thanks for any suggestions!
  2. Here's a pic:

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  3. South-of-france that sucks!! I really feel for you :sad: I had a similar experience a few weeks ago with my pomme cles. Like you, I'm really careful with my accessories and I don't know how it managed to happen (there was a black mark on the front of it). Annoyed that it was there however, I was determined to get rid of it, and so did alot of research around the forum. I know this sounds crazy, and kind of drastic, but this tip (recommended by 2 SAs at LV) worked AMAZINGLY well for my cles: using the end of an ear-bud dipped into ACETONE-FREE nail polish remover I was told to gently rub the mark - and in almost 5 seconds it faded completely. I'm probably going to be considered a freak for using nail polish remover on my baby :sweatdrop:...but it was either try live with the mark (and in being a perfectionist I knew keeping the mark would drive me insane!) or try some form of removal.

    Maybe that tip will work for you too?
  4. Oh no...I would be so bummed out.
    maybe you can remove it as suggested above.
    Let us know.
  5. :sweatdrop::sweatdrop::sweatdrop:
    I think I'm gonna try... this drives me nuts!
    Holding my breath.............
  6. It didn't work :sad: But no damage was done, even the shine is still there, so phew!

    Any other tips?
  7. sucks! Im actually thinking of getting the keyholder in pomme, since I don't have any pomme right now. Keep us posted!!!! Good luck!
  8. I'm bummed, although in all fairness you probably wouldn't notice it unless upon close inspection. I just don't get how this happened!

    After the nailpolish tryout it seems the spots must be under the glossy finish. Maybe this is my excuse to get an amarante ludlow lol.
  9. I can't tell by your pics but vernis sometimes has black dots under the coating - not transfer but something that happens during the coating process.
  10. south-of-France, did you have the same problems with the NOISETTE colour?? You know, i'll go for my Roxbury in noisette next wednesday......:confused1:
  11. I had a Red Thompson Street~ Never used it, it had NO spots on it....then went to sell it and and....the BLACK SPOTS were there! I was so Piss*d. It is a problem w/ some vernis unfortunately. I sold off all my vernis after that...however kept my fuschia as it has never gotten any spots and is older. I may still get an indigo piece in the future as it is darker..I think the amarante will hide any as well.

    I am sorry for you....I know exactly how you feel:crybaby:
  12. Thank you Ghost! I had a Silver Houston, and i had never problems with colour transfer or spots. Now i'm not sure, if i'll buy an other vernis piece?:confused1: The Roxbury is my favorite bag at this moment, but i'm sure i'll NEVER go for a Perle or Pomme. Maybe the Noisette colour isn't so sensitiv?:confused1:
    I don't know - i have just one night to think about that! I'll not sleep i think.....:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:
  13. That sucks- but honestly- I can barely see them! Looks fantastic! Pomme = :heart:
  14. hi! i got some black spots on my framboise flat pouch as well. i thought they were pen marks. do let us know if there's anything else that works.. scared to try the nail polish remover :sweatdrop::sweatdrop::sweatdrop:
  15. Wow that's strange! I have lots of vernis pieces including wallets which I use in rotation, and all of them stay pristine like new, not a single mark or scratch on them. It's worth taking it to LV maybe, to see what they say?