Black Spots on Gigi Turnlocks - Solution

Toto too

Nov 21, 2006
My Gigi had some small black spots on the turnlocks, and I've seen it on some of the other Legacy bags as well. I tried some of this wonderful metal polish called Maas, and it took it all off! It's a pinkish color and comes in a tube, if you do a Google search it should give you a website. My mom gave me this and it works really well on just about everything. Just use a little bit with a Q-tip. :tup:


~ certified nerd ~
May 19, 2008
I use this product when there's a scratch in my brass hardware
I used it for my furla & dior 2. It worked very well, all the hardware is very clean, shiny & as good as new :smile: Ow yea i almost forgot, the product is called brasso :smile: