black spot on the toe nail

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  1. Does anyone know why there is a black spot on the toe nail ? There is no other black spots or white spots just this one black spot on the toe nail. And it is towards the middle it is on the toe nail or under the toe nail ? And putting water on it will do nothing.

    Also I should say it is on the left big toenail.And should I try to remove the toenail?

    What should I do?:confused1:
  2. Could you have injured your toe and it's a sign of blood beneath? I closed a drawer on my thumb, which left a black (dark, dark purple actually) spot from the bruise. It's gotten smaller, but the discolored nail just has to grow out. If you're very concerned that it's more serious than that, see a dr. or podiatrist. Please don't try to self-operate!
  3. Well I may have hit it.It looks small and around and flaky and it is not getting bigger.Well size it looks like it takes up 20% of the toenail.

    I should also say it has bean like this for 4 weeks now..
  4. Since toenails grow much slower than fingernails, it could be a bruise. If you're worried, call a podiatrist. Best wishes!
  5. Are you a runner? Sometimes you lose the toenail. I know I did once.
  6. Sounds like you hit it somewhere - but it is strange that you wouldn't remember hurting yourself? I have slammed the CRAP out of my fingers at times, and I have never bruised a nail. Makes me wonder how freaking hard you have to slam your nail to make it purple... the rest of me bruises sooo easily.

    If you're worried, I'd see a doc. Can't be too careful. Good luck!
  7. I have the same problem, but its been caused by wearing shoes that are ill-fitting. my boots were too tight, and the doctor did tell me it was a blood clot and to just let it grow out, and my toe had the black bruise on the nail for close to 4 months! it doesnt hurt though.
  8. NO!!! Just let it grow out!
  9. I have the same thing from running, I am just letting it grow out.
  10. i actually had my entire pinky toe turn black :sad: but that was because i slipped on a rock under a waterfall. i didn't see it turn black right away but i let it grow out because at the edge of my toenail that i trimmed, i found out it was pretty much dried blood. just try to keep track and see if it moves upwards as your nail grows
  11. i had the door slam on my toe as a kid, and my big toe did get a black spot. it's from bruising. It shouldnt hurt after the injury and you just have to be careful and let it grow out. sometimes, like for me, the toenail did fall off, and it grew back in with time. don't worry about it, the black spot is usually pretty large too.
  12. I have a similar bruise going on my fourth toe.. Got it from wearing bad fitting shoes :shame: It doesn't hurt, but it's been there for a couple of months now, and it shows no sign of growing out. Should I go see a doc already? :confused1:
  13. I think it's probably a bruise. If you just want to make extra sure, I'd see a podiatrist. Good luck!
  14. Hey i lightly hit my right, 2nd from big toe, nail and it turned black and seems bruised and during the 4 weeks it throbbed then the toenail literally Rose up from the toe about a mm and the sides of the toe nail bent and its finally cracking down toward the beginning of the toe. This dramatic display was all be cause i LIGHTLY hit it on my door step, AND its only my second toe, which is weird... Anyway i wouldnt have worried about it much except taht there is a deep black liquid coming from it. This liquid drys like blood but it seems to be removing the pressure under the nail that in which caused the cracking to begin, i assume. Is this normal for a blackish liquid to expel from the toe? or is the Spiderman comic book villain, Venom, attacking my toe... :biggrin: Im not a runner, and im 100% sure it was caused from the hit of the toe cause taht is when the throbbing began. It no longer hurts. I could probably pull the nail off my self but im afraid to. Its quite disgusting, and would rather get rid of this SOB and start growing a newer pink nail back... Im seeking help here cause money stops me from seeing a podiatrist. Thx for help :smile:
  15. I think it sounds like a bruise.