Black speedy?

  1. I'm confused. I heard there is a black speedy coming out, but can't find any info on it. Can you guys help me?
  2. there already is a black epi speedy available in 25 and 30... i don't know about a new one???
  3. I think there's hope of one in the future in the damier pattern. There's going to be a release of men's bags in a black/grey pattern. I don't think there's anything definite.....just us gals wishing!!
  4. yeah... the epi... but havent heard of a new one
  5. I am :drool: at the thought of a black damier speedy *swoon*

    Wasn't there a black denim patchwork speedy, it would be nice to see the new black denim in a neo speedy too.
  6. What about the mini lin in the ebony color? Is that black?
  7. No, that's brown. It'd be nice if they made a black neo speedy. Are you thinking of the denim neo cabby in black?
  8. Why is it called ebony if its not black?
  9. They look black to me, I've only seen them under store lighting though.
    Have you looked through label addicts threads in the reference section? Those threads are on top of things & I can't remember a new bag that has slipped by w/o some kind of info in there.