Black Specks on Handles

  1. :cry: ive had a speedy 25 since feb 20 2006. its has begun to ozidize and now i see like black specks in the leather all over the handles, and really they are ugly. when the bag patina mores will it be non-noticable? or anyother way i can get them out?
  2. can you post a pic?
  3. let me try :smile:
  4. I have the popincourt and it also has black small spots marks/specks. I have had it the pop since Feb 2006. What are the small spots from? I thought I got something on the handles , but I have been careful. How did you get the small spots? any idea or is it the leather?
  5. i dunno, but when i look at it all the the little holes on the leather are "darker" and it looks weird. (and i cant take a pic, its in my vavin gm which is at my grannies house)
  6. i *think* my handles have this too although it's not very noticeable. i think what you mean is that the pores in the leather are darker and look black? (which i am assuming can be normal)
  7. same thing on my speedy handles, little black specks. I am so careful and my hands are always clean when I hold it....
  8. I Wonder What That Is...
  9. exactly what im talking about!!! :love:
  10. I had that on my handles also. It was very noticeable when the handles were very light, but now that they have darkened just a tiny bit more, you can't see it. I am so careful when holding my bag, I only put it over my sleeve, but I think that the black spots come from oils in your hands, or dirt, etc. It won't be as bad when the handles get a bit darker. It used to drive me crazy!!
  11. I see it on my recently purchased Ellipse as well. Not noticeable unless you look very closely.
  12. i know what u are talking about!!! I have it on my ellipse handles as well, but it's not noticeable at all now that it's more patinaed. Hang in there...
  13. yeah, i just looked at mine too. i remember i used to see the black pores, but now that it's more patinaed i don't even see them anymore :biggrin:
  14. ahh im hanging on...

    whut would u recommend to get this huge lead/sweat mark off?
  15. Black heads maybe? :blink:
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