Black soft slouchy handbag like Lauren's from The Hills

  1. Does anyone know who makes the black bag Lauren was carrying on last night's episode of The Hills? You can see the bag here on the Hills recap video:

    I've been looking for a soft slouchy black bag like that forever & I can't seem to find a nice one. If you know what type of bag Lauren's is or if you could show me some similar bags, that would be wonderful. It doesn't have to be an expensive designer one.

    Thank you thank you thank you! [​IMG]
  2. Anyone have any ideas? My price range is probably $100-$250.
  3. I think her bag might be a kooba
  4. Thanks girls! This was really helpful. :smile:
  5. Hi. I love LC's style. I really believe that bag is from Juicy Couture. Maybe last year's style. I think they also had it in brown. I don't know the name of the bag.