Black snakeprint London Tote group bespoke

  1. Wow, this group is ready to go. I am committed, but not in a hurry, since summer colors are in, and my grey will take me through the summer. Who's in charge, the opening poster?
  2. Six! Eight gives us choice of 2 hardwares but 6 gets us a group bespoke!
  3. Muddying the waters here...if we can't get snake print...I think a black bubble Chevre could be divine in this bag. Something soft and light and smooshy.
  4. OMG, now I'm being super naughty. I'm craving navy blue, as a chic alternative to black. A deep navy -- that you could use as a "black" London Tote, except it is navy! With texture. I'm going to be chased off this thread in a minute...
  5. Just read on Twitter that there's enough Black Snakeprint for 3 London Totes, but they will source more...but it won't be exactly the same? On Friday, BE will show on Facebook sourced leathers of: navy, all colors of snakeprint, and black bubble chevre.

    Heard that London Tote will appear in Tan Bubble Chevre for summer 2012. (I have my Stroke Me in this leather and it is divine, so I won't duplicate it, but gee...the temptations never end.)
  6. Wow, there are so many options to consider....

    I'd be curious to see what leathers, if any, the London Tote will come in. i think if I have to choose one, I'd still choose the black snake print because it would be very versatile for work and personal use. If the new snake print is different, I think I would need to see a swatch first to be sure.

    TG, how are you liking your tan bubble chevre?
  7. I agree Tejas, that we'd have to see the new snake print. I won't take the remaining snake print, so as to deprive anyone of it. So if there are three ladies who really want it, go for it.

    But let's see what the options are! BE might come up with an interesting group bespoke given the options, since we seem to have interest.

    I ADORE the tan bubble leather. It is SCREAMING CHIC, soft, smooshy and light. It works perfectly in a Stroke Me. It collapses entirely when I put the bag down. So I'm trying to imagine it in a London Tote... I love the texture of it -- very uneven, which I like.

    My dream bag would be a textured, midnight blue London Tote, so dark it is almost black, but it is blue, if you kwim. So I'm going to wait and see what they come up with.
  8. Hey, ladies! I'm going to back out as I have some other issues that have come up so I won't be able to do this as well as complete my BECs. I'll pass on the information that Aimee sends me and then someone else can take the lead. I'm sorry and hope it's not an inconvenience for anyone one! :smile:
  9. Heard from Aimee but I don't have much information. I know the leather can be sourced for a group, she's checking on a matching AP for a group and I let her know I was bowing out but someone else may contact her if a group forms. I don't know if this will be offered as a stock bag in the fall either. So now I'm passing the baton to the next organizer! :biggrin:
  10. Tloveshim,

    Thank you for the update. Yes, the leather is gorgeous and it's nice that they may be able to put together an option. This is something I would consider long term but we are still waiting on the leather for my whiskey LT midi bespoke so I think I need to be mindful of that. I do think this particular style/combination is one of THE best offerings BE has at this time. I hope it works out for those who really want it.
  11. Hi Ladies,

    I sent an info request on the black snake London Tote. They do have enough of the existing leather for 3 bags and have said that they will make 3 stock bags for those who wish to place a deposit to order. This method is more expensive for them as making three bags has a higher cost but they understand that there are still some people who would like to get this bag as it sold out pretty quickly.

    If you'd like to place an order for a stock bag, please email them and they can fill you in on the details. I think this is great news!
  12. Thank you Tejas, you are the sweetest. I am going to wait to see on the other leathers that are available and see...
  13. Thanks, TM. Glad there is that option for those that really want this bag!
  14. It was no trouble at all--happy to do it! I think the London Tote in Black Snake and the Barcelona in Black and Whiskey are my current favorites. Those bags can go anywhere, anytime....
  15. I LOVE my black snake full London! It is so luxe! I've got a London in mottled gold too. So gorgeous. The London is my favorite of all the BE styles. I think everyone needs a London!:yes: