Black snakeprint London Tote group bespoke

  1. Hello, everyone! I have emailed Aimee to ask about leather for a black snakeprint London Tote group besoke. She said the leather can be sourced if we get a group together. Before I look into this further I'd like to get a feel for how many might be interested. This is not a commitment at this point. I'm thinking of the light gold hardware and caramel lining and in full size. I love my midis so much that I'm considering a full size now in this leather.

    Once I know there's some interest I'll get more details. Anyone else interested? :biggrin:
  2. I am interested....but let's get a free angel purse or something too...
  3. I'll see what they'll offer! The thought had crossed my mind!
  4. Love the soft gold hardware...I'm more inclined to the pink lining, but caramel with black is nice too. Maybe Jackie should offer this bag as regular stock for Fall 2012. That's another idea.
  5. I'm OK with fuchsia lining if we get a group together and the majority would rather have that. I'd prefer not to do silver hardware though however if we have 8 commit I believe we can select from 2 hardware choices. I've emailed Aimee about the possibility of this being a stock bag in the fall so should hear back this week. I'm not 100% committed to this yet myself but wanted to gauge interest. :smile:
  6. I'm interested, although I shouldn't be...:smile: I debated too long when the snake print was a stock item and lost out. Count me as a maybe...I think i would prefer the caramel lining at this point if we have a choice but I like both.

    And a matching AP, I think, would definitely sway some people because it could double as a clutch, which I think would be gorgeous.

    I need to shut up now.
  7. timidly, possibly, theoretically raising my hand, too
  8. Oh please... no need to be timid. Throw that hand up and wave it proud! hahaha.
  9. I can go with either lining. But I do feel the fuchsia flirting out from the black bag is very sexy. I am currently using my new grey snake print London tote and love how in one week of use it puddles so alluringly, sitting in the car next to me. It looks so luxe, so sensual and then you lift it up and it is a kick *** tote. I don't usually like big bags but the full size in this leather makes it collapsible and soft.
  10. I'm definitely interested :smile:

    Although I have the matte black, I'm probably going to exchange that one for a different leather. I love it, but I'm loving the snake print more!
  11. The fuchsia is gorgeous! I have the fuchsia one and it does have a pop. Its something different than the ho hum-ness of plain lining. :smile:
  12. Okay, TropicalGal, I think I need a cold shower after reading this, lol! If I wasn't sure before, I am now! :graucho:

    I am thinking I need the grey snake print before the black, though. Hmm. I would lean toward the fuschia, too. Like the contrast with the black. But certainly not a deal-breaker. What am I talking about.....I wasn't even sure about this one, lol.
  13. The minute I got the grey snake print, I knew I had to get the black snake print.

    Contessa, I agree with you on the leather of your black velvet matte London Tote. I have the black velvet matte in the L.A. Satchel...and it is a delicious leather, don't get me wrong, but a bit too plain. For some reason snakeprint and London tote are a brilliant combination. By the way ladies, I have fuschsia lining in the grey snakeprint London Tote and everyone swoons of it -- I mean they swoon over the whole bag, but that is just the sexiest detail. But again, I can do either lining...because caramel and is beautiful...but fuschia is wow. I think it is just that we Belenistas are "used to" fuschia, so we crave something different, but it still is the chicer, more unusual choice.
  14. Also, I do love the soft gold hardware with black, because it hints of both silver and gold. So that would please everyone.
  15. Yes!

    How many do we have for a black snake print LT?