Black smooth Phantom or croc embossed ..?

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  1. Hi guys.. Need your advice..! I have the choice to either get a black smooth phantom now or wait for the black croc embossed in December / January.. Which of these two would you go for and why.. Is the croc a more durable leather..? Or unlike the smooth one you get scratches on it can they be buffed like the smooth ..? Love all opinions..!!!!x
  2. No one have any preference..? :sad:
  3. Stamped croc, it just has that right amount of texture that further accentuates the shape of the Luggage Phantom! Black is safe but stamped croc has the WOW factor. Both timeless but black is a little "flat" for me.
  4. I've had both and much prefer the stamped croc. It's more structured, the texture makes it more special somehow. I loved my smooth black one but am IN love with my stamped croc:P
  5. stamped croc is a lot of more gorgeous.
  6. Thanks..! Have till tomorrow to decide.
  7. i'd go with stamped croc too :biggrin:
  8. Ok to put a spanner in the works I can get the smooth at a discount as there's a scratch on it ..! About 350 dollars off .. Now what do you think..? Scratch is at back and isn't serious..!!
  9. Even though the discount, I'd get the stamped croc because it's just flawless!
  10. agree, i would still go for the stamped croc. i have it and use it all the time, there is something very special about it. good luck!
  11. stamped croc for sure!!! i returned my black mini 2 years ago and got the stamped croc 5 months ago.. hope this helps!
  12. Ok .. I'm In for abit of a wait so..!!!
  13. ^^ yes, just have some patience and wait for the croc
  14. stamp croc for me too!
  15. I got the smooth instead, it looks so glossy and amazing.

    But I would like to purchase a phantom made from actual croc. Does anyone know if Celine makes any?