Black Sloane?

  1. Hello BV lovers,

    I did some search but still I wasn't able to find an answer to this simple and maybe silly :rolleyes: question: does the sloane come in black? Maybe you have seen this color in a BV boutique. Do you have any pics?

  2. Hmmm, I never thought about it, but I have never seen the sloane in black. The closest would be ferro which is gunmetal. The campana, veneta, and ball bags come in nero (black), though.

    Oh, and welcome to BV, carolm!
  3. Thank you very much ouija board. I just recently bought my fist BV item, the karung wallet in ferro. It's really beautiful. Now I feel ready for mooore!

    Judging from the lack of answers I assume that the sloane does not come in black, or the PF members would have surely known!
    Is it just me or do you find it odd too? I mean nero is the classic colorway and normally all bags should come in black. Or maybe not?:p
    Anyway if any of you BV lovers can offer some insight it would be much appreciated!

  4. yeah, I think we all *think* it doesn't come in nero, but aren't 100% sure, hence the quiet in this thread...

    I would be very tempted if it did though :angel:
  5. i don't think it comes in nero but i do think it comes in moro which is quite dark and nappa umbria. but not totally sure. sorry.
  6. It seems like the sloane comes in more of the seasonal colors rather than the classic colors like nero and ebano. Last season it came in limo, old petra, pergamena, ottone, all of which are seasonal, this season it comes in ferro. Maybe because of it's less traditional shape, BV uses it to showcase the newer colors? I honestly don't know. Maybe someone at a BV boutique could help.
  7. It's an umbria bag, so I think annie999 is right in that it comes in such colors. I have not seen the umbria version of nero before, so no I guess it does not come in black
  8. Thank you very much for all your replies. ;)
    I guess the closest alternative to black is ferro, at least for now. As I have seen many of you lucky ladies have already purchased your ferro beauties! Would you describe the color as light grey or dark grey? Do you think it's versitile enough or looks good only with black? In the pics I have seen so far it's almost always a different shade of grey and my wallet has a metallic finish, which the bags don't have.
  9. From what I've seen, Ferro is a medium dark grey. I think for pics, it all depends on lighting, hence the varying shades. Imo, it's a versatile enough colour to go with most colours.
  10. definitely a dark grey, and the bag does have a very subtle metallic finish, more subdued than you see in the wallets but still there.

    I think it looks great with browns, with other shades of greys, with creams and whites. I'm sure it looks good with other colors (like blue for instance) but I don't wear other colors...

    I wore it to dinner one night with a dress that is purple satin, a black leather jacket, and grey chloe shoes that are definitely purple tinged. I thought my outfit was great ;)
  11. That would have been a great action shot. Any pic?
  12. sorry but I'm from the stone ages, I don't own a camera :push:
  13. Congrats on your ferro wallet! I think ferro is very verstatile in karung - being metallic it should work well with spring colors too. And the bronze interior is TDF!

    For ferro in nappa umbria like the sloane - I wear it with blues, purples and brown too as mundo suggested. Even though the metallic sheen is very subtle, it seems to just glow :love: And it really stands out against blacks so you notice the bag instead of a blur of black - I think it's a great color choice!
  14. I agree with blugenie that ferro is a versatile color; I wear it just as I would a black bag except possibly with a wider range of colors. The shine is very subtle; you have to look for it to see it, and it is more prominent in the woven portions of my bag. I don't like ferro in smooth leather as it looks too flat; in woven leather there are variations of dark grey that are more pleasing to the eye.
  15. FYI the Sloane does come in black..I have seen it at 2 different BV's, at NYC and Natick..the leather is slightly shiny, or more shiny than the black veneta..definitely not matte like umbria..check it out