Black simples 100 or Oh my sling...or???

  1. I just called my SA to ask him about the colors for "my special order" , but he was a bid overwhelmed now out of frustration about the yoyo's I asked him to put a pair of kid black simples 100 I am wondering if that was a good impulse for shure they are a great classic, I do love and want them and they are on my "well balanced collection list" but I can always get them and spring is around the corner so should I stick to them ?

    Or should I go for another open toe or slingback? (I have the nude 110 yoyo's coming and the nude VP's on preorder as well as the nude simples) in taupe maybe ?
  2. i think they're classic and you can't go wrong with them at any time. but if you want something more springy i would consider the taupe simples. they're a stunning color, classic enough for year round but light enough for spring.

    but you can't go wrong with a slingback either. i think since you have the yoyos and vps you might want something closed toe but still springy/ summery
  3. You have several taupe so the simple 100's would give you one of your staples and you could use it year round of course. If you get an open toe or the oh my slingbacks are you thinking of a color? You have several nudes already.
  4. Thanks hlfinn & ronsdiva . I might just stick to the black simples, as an "investment" I think the taupe simples are gorgeous but I am a bid concerned about the closed toe, in spring it can get really hot here and I will have the nude simples.

    Now the oh my sling in taupe patent look really nice but maybe too "simple"
  5. I keep wanting to get a pair of simples but I like the look of the decolletes and got those instead!
  6. They do look more sexy for shure but don't they hurt badly?
  7. But if you get Decollete (scalloped 868) in the right size they should be fine. They are indeed very sexy and classy, they have slightly rounded toes like Simple pumps, very feminine and their shape and heel remind me of sexy Pigalle. So to me they combine the best of the two designs.

    I think Simple Pumps have rather thin heels whereas Decollete have thicker heel more like original YoYos 110, which is more practical - see, I'm now quite paranoid about thin heels being damaged after your bad experience with YoYos.

    I would get Decollete in nude or slingbacks, like Horatio for a change.

    May I ask whether you are you getting 110 original YoYos off eBay or managed to order them from a CL boutique? I might part with my 100 Yoyos because I'm going to have a heart attack if the heel is damaged.