Black Simple Pumps

  1. Hi ladies

    Can someone please tell me where i can find black simple pumps in a 38.5 with a 85mm heel. I stalk eBay but nothing. I didnt buy from Saks when i had the chance and now i want them.

    I dont live in the US and would prefer to contact a SA via email so if anyone can recommend a SA that has them that would be much appreciated.

    Also where else can i buy them apart from Saks? I was thinking of trying Live Chat. Any other ideas.

  2. Could try - they have the kid pumps listed as sold out but they have a waitlist facility and I got my pumps after just 3 days on the waitlist :yahoo:Cost 398 Euros.
  3. I have a great SA at Saks. If they appear in the system he can get them for you or if/when they get them again. His name is
    Ryan Patterson
    Saks Fifth Avenue
    Designer Shoe Salon
    611 Fifth Avenue
    New York, NY 10022-SHOE
    212.753.4000 ext. 7138

    If you contact him let him know Mary from Maryland referred you. Good Luck!
  4. Are you looking for black leather or black patent?

    Try Saks as recommended. They will do Saks locator for you in the size you requested. Other option is to call the Louboutin boutique. That is where I got my black leather 85 mm simples from last summer. I work with Horatio and Beverly Hills usually. Madison may have them too. The Horatio number is (212) 255-1910. I don't have the numbers for Madison and BH off the top of my head. A quick google search will bring up the numbers though.
  5. Ooh black patent simples are the best. Leather is nice too, but I love patent so much. :p
  6. Thanks so much for the replies...will try those options and let you know how i go.
  7. Holts Vancouver has in 85mm (I think its not 100mm for sure):
    - Fushia, Light Blue, Black all in grease paint
    - Dark Grey
    - Black leather
    - Navy Patent?

    Prices around: $550-595 CAD.
  8. Try Barneys and call around. Their simple pump in 85mm is called the "mia pump". I got mine about a month ago in the black kid leather.
  9. I saw black simples at the Seattle Nordstrom on Saturday. Good luck! ;)
  10. Good luck finding a pair! It shouldn't be too hard since they are a staple in every season.
  11. Hi Ladies

    Can someone tell me how much the simples in 85mm are in USD. I was quoted $625 USD. Has there been a price increase as Saks have the beige listed at $520. Thanks
  12. Did you ask for the original simples? The black leather simples at the boutiques are now $575 due to a price increase. However if you can find them at Saks, etc the old price was still what I was quoted recently when I was asking for a friend, which was $520 or something around there.

    The new simple pump is $675 (the one w/ the platform).
  13. A fellow TPFer tipped me off that Bergdorf Goodman had them. I called Richard and he hooked me up. They were $550. The CL boutique in Los Angeles had them when I called a few weeks ago but they were more expensive.
  14. Yeah they should only be $550! Good Luck
  15. I should add that Be-luxe has them on eBay in various sizes if you absolutely can't find them anywhere. I think hers are around $600 but I don't recall exactly. You should be able to find them though with some help from your fellow shoe addicts!