Black Silverado On Sale At Nordstrom Arcadia

  1. Hello Ladies,
    I just got back from the Nordstrom Arcadia and they have a blackish/bluish silverado on sale (according to the SA). I think it's from last seasons cause she said they had ordered it for Christmas last year and it never sold. Chloes don't typically sell at this Nordstrom and most of the clientele are more into Coach than they are into Chloe. Too bad for them, they're missing out.

    Anyhoot, give them a call (626) 821-6363. This isn't the direct line to the purses department. The SA there (I forget her name) said it was about $1000.00.
  2. Thanks for the heads up! Do you know what style of the Silverado it was? Satchel, tote, hobo?
  3. lol I knew I forgot something. It's a satchel and there's only one left. They still had it today and it's in the back so if anyone here is interested, snatch it up quickly :biggrin:
  4. Am almost glad it wasnt a Tote LOL or else:graucho: Thanks for posting - this is a fantastic deal!
  5. lmalaitham,
    They don't seem to have one ........ and they said they haven't had a Silverado. Do you know who your SA was? Thanks!
  6. I had called about this earlier, but the info. didn't make sense to me. She said it's a charcoal color and it retailed for $1720. The only Chloe bag I can think of for that price is the anthracite paddy. But since our PF member saw it, it's not that bag.

    She couldn't figure out if it was large or medium or what the size was. Also, she said it didn't have a zipper, so I was thinking a tote, but I thought the totes were $1635.

    Then I thought maybe python, but it's CA, so no python.

    Mass confusion. :huh:
  7. Yes, Mass confusion!!
    I called back a few hours after I called the first time and was told they didn't carry Chloe, I explained that it was seen last night??? (I think) and the SA went to look. She came back to the phone and said she had a paddington but it wasn't on sale.
    I guess lmalaitham is the only one that can clear this up as to what they have/had.
  8. I'm sorry guys, I've been out of town and just got back. The SA had told me it was on sale and that it was in the back. She had informed me that she thought it MIGHT be on hold but she wasn't entirely sure except that the bad was still there.

    They're right, the store doesn't typically sell Chloes and the SA there had informed me that they had ordered it for Christmas but it never sold. I'll go double check Wednesday and let you guys know for sure.
  9. Lin --- can you explain the bag that you saw again. Justonemore and I couldn't figure out what they were talking about at the store.