Black Signature Stripe Swingpack?

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  1. I have been planning to get a black and grey Signature Stripe Swingpack this summer. I just went on the Coach website to look at the new Signature Stripe collection. And there isn't a black and grey Swingpack anymore! Are they still going to make a Black Signature Stripe Swingpack or is it discontinued?
    And did they change the price too? I remember it was $118 last time and now it's $128.

    I am just heartbroken right now.
  2. They did change the price... boogers. I bought a punch stripe swing pack in early March and it was only $118. still though, $128 is not a bad price.

    Sorry, I don't know anything about the colors. Have you called JAX?
  3. jax? whats that?
  4. Yeah, the price went up for the new Sig Stripe stuff. If you want the black/white sig stripe, you should call JAX (Jacksonville, Florida -- Coach's customer service place/warehouse) and see if there is one around you in a store or they might be able to sell you one directly. The number for JAX is the 1-888 number at the top of the website page (their customer service number). Good luck on finding one.
  5. Macy's might still have these too. For some reason, it seems like I saw them there recently.
  6. oh okay thank you.
    i was planning to get one in hk this summer when i go there for vacation.
  7. I just saw some at Macy's in Madison WI on saturday :smile: And theirs were 118.
  8. thanks for the explanation lvdreamer!
  9. what places can i get a black swingpack in vancouver?
  10. Bump!