Black Signature Stripe Reversible tote owners.

  1. I really really like this bag and I want to buy it BUT I did my search in the forum and found ONE picture of a black stripe reversible tote. Does anyone here have actual pictures of the purse, perhaps modeling pictures for me??? Please, please please. BTW there is only one on eBay too, I may bid on it.

    This is the one I like, it will be my first coach too. I cant really appreciate the purse in this pictues.
  2. anyone?
  3. I have a large one. Right now I can't take pics because it's 5:30 and I'm off to work in a few, but if you give me a day or two I can probably take some for ya.
  4. I had one I sold on eBay - if I still have the pix on my computer @ home I'll post them for u tonight.
  5. Thank you so much you guys
  6. anyone?
  7. Have you checked to see if they had any at JAX? If you go to your boutique they can order it for you, give you the PCE discount and ship it for free. :yes: It's worth a shot.
  8. Not sure if this is the size you are looking for or not - it is the 10124, which is the smaller size. Please excuse the sloppy outfit.
    coachsigstr 005.JPG