Black Signature Soft Duffle

  1. is it in the outlets now? I don't see it on their website....

    there's NO buying/selling here
  2. The outlets I go to often have the signature duffles, just call ahead (certain outlets carry signature while most don't) & if they have it, have them hold it for you.
  3. thanks :smile: ooh and do you know the difference in price? (i.e. retail and outlets?)
  4. Definately the duffle. I bought one at the Las Vegas outlet this summer, it was 229 + 20% off. The shoulder strap is quite comfortable.
  5. Which duffle do you have?
  6. I have the large duffle in khaki signature and I really love it. :heart:
  7. Awesome!! I want the black one SO bad! *sigh* if only they were like $150 it'd be great. lol I'm so bad @ spotting fakes on eBay.... :sad:
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