Black sig carly w/ silver hardware???

  1. So today I was christmas shopping and a girl walked by me w/ a black on black sig carly which i noticed right away b/c i love that bag! but she had SILVER hardware. i kind of inched closer to her to get a better look and honestly the bag looked authentic. it had everything- all the right hardware, identical leather strap, same exact zipper closure, etc. i like to think that im usually really good at spotting fakes (especially the fake carlys b/c they are soo nasty!) but seriously, this bag was dead on. i know someone posted earlier about department stores having some of the black on white sig carlys with silver hardware- but black on black? whats the verdict? was i fooled by a really really good fake? or was this actually made (maybe in limited quantities or something?) If this bag is out there and authentic, I need it! :love:
  2. nevermind lol
  3. ooops nevermind! i realized you said black on black. i saw a black/grey w/silver hardware carly at Macy's today but Ive never seen a black on black w/silver hardware.
  4. Hmm, I haven't seen the black on black with silver either. I also have seen the black and grey.

    But if black on black does exist, that is totally the Carly I want too!
  5. Von Maur had a black black/black with silver the other day, but it's gone now.
  6. I would also be interested in knowing if this exists and how you could go about finding one! Were the ones with silver hardware made exclusively for department stores?
  7. i've seen black on black with silver hardware too
    i posted about it a while back but was immediately told that there was no way a black/black carly could possibly have silver hardware

    i like it better than brass hardware, too
  8. I saw that yesterday christmas shopping too!! I was wondering the same thing. But I love my gold hardware Carly better! hehe.
  9. i know! the SA ive been going to lately is verrry sweet but not the greatest with in depth product info. i wonder, if i call JAX, would they know? im thinking i will need a style number though. hmmm..
  10. I called JAX today about the color combo above and they do have it. I told the lady that I had a PCE card and would like to have the purse shipped to my local Coach store and use my discount and she said that I could not use discount it would be full price + 8.95 shipping. Nordstrom's has $5 standard shipping so I think when I order I'll do it through them. I really wanted to use my PCE on it though. Any one know any way around getting to use it?
  11. Is this the slim Carly or regular size?
  12. Slim
  13. If you are close to a store, they can order it for you and give you PCE plus free shipping!! If you aren't close to a store, try to call and have them do a phone order. Don't give up if your closest store won't oblige (technically PCE isn't eligible on phone orders) - keep calling stores until you find one that will!!! Good luck!!
  14. I personally think it looks fake. Saw it in real life and it doesn't look as good as the ones with gold hardware. I would definately pass on this! :tdown: