Black sig carly owners-

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  1. :wtf: i want one!

    do you like it?
    do you have any pictures of you wearing it?
    I will get the medium. does it hold a lot?

    I've noticed it's been around for a while. is this one of those bags that probably won't be sold out any time soon?

  2. i had the large and returned it. do you want pics of the large?
  3. Sure! TY.
    may i ask why you returned it?
  4. well...i bought the khaki sig/chambray, decided i wanted understated sig- then decided i missed the color of chambray too much! lol.



  5. so pretty! thanks for the photos!
  6. no prob. it's a gorgeous bag. and i know the large holds a TON (i use mine for school), and i think the medium would be perfect.

  7. Kallison, you're a Switchfoot fan?!?! I saw Love is the Movement as your signature and got all excited. They're my favorite band EVER. I went to their Oh! Gravity concert this past March and it was the most amazing thing. You have good taste!

    And that black Carly is beautiful! I was actually going to get the black and decided on the khaki instead.
  8. I have it in medium and it does hold quite a bit. It slouches very nicely.
    Sorry but I don't have pics of me actually modeling/wearing the bag.
  9. I would love to see pics of the medium also.
  10. yes! switchfoot is the BEST! i've seen them a few times in concert- by far their oh! gravity tour was my favorite!

    NO one has ever gotten the reference in my signature to switchfoot, lol! its taken from the twloha site, but they got it from switchfoot.
  11. Pic's kinda small, but here I am with my medium black signature Carly.

  12. I don't have the medium, I have the large. I have it in black on black signature, and I have the khaki/saddle *because I couldn't decide* I haven't used the khaki/saddle yet but I have used the black and I adore it. It's the most understated *of course* and I think there's something more elegant about that one, than the others, because of it. I think it's stylish and just plain great.
  13. Thank you so much for asking people to post pics with their bags...and to those of you who have.
    It's really helped me in deciding which size.
  14. Just another thing...
    When you say 'medium' do you mean the one in between the demi and the large. Excuse my ignorance but I'm new to this and the Coach website doesn't actually state 'medium'.
  15. That is correct!