Black sig carly on backorder??

  1. Anyone else waiting for their black med sig carly in the mail? I ordered it from the store last Thursday, but it hasn't been shipped out yet, and I just wanted to know if anyone else is experiencing the same dilemma.

    Oh where art thou Carly??? :crybaby:
  2. hmmm... not sure, I ordered the khaki one on saturday and it shipped out yesterday!! Sorry it hasn't shipped yet!!!
  3. I ordered one on the 10th. I received it on the 14th. I returned it on the 17th and I wasn't even out of the store before someone else bought it. I guess it's in demand!
  4. wierd! i saw one yesterday at my coach.
  5. Don't tell me this..... I was thinking of exchanging my leather for the signature!
  6. Woo hoo I got the Fedex package today! They just didn't include it in the order status. Will post pics tomorrow! The Carly is beauuuutiful! :yahoo:
  7. ohhh that's awesome!! That's the best when you get it and you weren't expecting it yet!! :yahoo: Show the pics!!! :tup:
  8. I agree.
    Congrats on getting it in.
    Please post pics.
  9. Congrats!!!! Where are the pics?????