Black Sienna Decision, Opinions?

  1. I'm wondering which one to get....

    The smoother:

    The bumpier (no longer available in black?):

    I know I want black, and I'm leaning toward the smooth at $595, but I found a bumpy for $450, and my pocketbook (& hubby dearest) would appreciate the extra $145 bucks. :yes:
  2. Apologies to your pocketbook and hubby..but I much prefer the smooth black. I think its more 'timeless' than the bumpy one.
    One vote for the smooth kooba! :yes:
  3. UH-OH

    I think I can see how this is going to go & I'm gonna be in big trouble!

    These are rare; the Kooba website is the only online store that has any black Sienna's that I can find. No discount coupons, just straight up $600 bucks & shipping.
  4. I would definately go with the smooth. I actually just bought a smooth black kooba online and received it yesterday! I love it!
  5. Did you buy from Kooba? Are they pretty quick to ship?
  6. Smooth.
  7. Smooth, surely.
  8. Definitely smooth. The smooth leather breaks in really nicely too... so you'll love it even more after you use it a bit.
  9. I had purchased the bumpy Sienna in Cognac, and I HATED the way it felt. It looked cute in pics, but when I opened it I knew I had to sell it. Definitely smooth.
  10. get the smooth while you still can.
  11. Glad you chose the smooth. What would be the sense in getting the pebbled merely for looks when you are going to hate how it feels (trust me) and then have to sell it and then be out of any Sienna at all. Pay a little more, and get a bag you will go "AAAAH" at for the looks and the feel of it on you.
  12. LOL, well, it sounds like they've made up your mind for you, Rosen, and you know how I feel, get it while you can, it's a keeper!:yes: