Black Sienna at NM Last Call Georgia

  1. 678 847 5777
  2. I called several stores today trying to find another raisin Sienna for a friend. I picked up the last one from the San Diego store - thanks to you, Shewolfy. No extra 20% off now - ended last night - but looks like they're going to do it again nearer to Labor Day.

  3. I actually found one, I can't remember which store though. I didn't want it after I realized no 20% off. If you really want me to figure out which one, let me know..
  4. Thank you for posting this, shewolfy - I just ordered my first Kooba! It was 20% off for the Labor Day sale so it came out to $300 plus about $12 for shipping.

    I'm excited to get my first Kooba - Thanks again!

  5. Which one did you get, Jocele? Was it a smooth black?
  6. nah - it was a pebbled. I hope I like it!
  7. I'm sure you will! Tell us about it when you get it, okay? :tup:
  8. You will love it. I am new to Kooba too and I have been way out of control!