Black Shoulder Tote - Lanvin or Chanel?

  1. I'm varying my small collection a bit - I've decided that I need a black shoulder tote. I've never been a black bag girl, but the more I think about it, the more it makes sense to have a go-to black tote. I want something understated, no lots of flashy logos, that can easily go from the workday to weekend casual with jeans, a tank top and flip flops.

    My current collection is as follows.

    LV monogram Speedy 25
    35cm Birkin, vert olive clemence, palladium hardware
    Hermes Massai, gold clemence, palladium hardware
    LV damier canvas pochette accessories

    I've narrowed it down to the following two bags.

    Lanvin New Shopper (at Barneys)


    Chanel Ultimate Soft, Medium Size


    I love the "urban chic" look of the Lanvin. I tried on the Chanel at NM today and loved how light it is, and how comfortable it is on the shoulder. But it's more expensive.

    What do you ladies think? Any help, advice, etc., would be appreciated. TIA! :nuts:
  2. I like the Chanel.
  3. Chanel
  4. I love the Chanel, I don't own any Chanel bags so I'm not familiar with the designs but this one seems ultra classy (I especially like the silver chain deail on the strap). The Lanvin one looks like The Sak or something - not that there's anything wrong with that brand, but it seems pretty ordinary.
  5. ^ Good point, balihai. I do want the bag to stand out ;) LOL now that you compared the Lanvin to The Sak, I'm having second thoughts :shame::lol: No offense to Sak lovers!

    Thanks for the input so far, ladies!
  6. I've been looking at the Lanvin bags on Barney's website too. They're nice and the one you're considering is lovely, but in comparison to the Chanel, it's more free-spirited and casual (IMO). If you wanted that look, it's perfect. But your LV Speedy could work with less structured looks too.

    If you wanted something more sophisticated the Chanel would be the way to go. On the other hand you already have two Hermes so that might cover the classic look already for you.

    Oh, this is tough. But, for me, I'd definitely buy the Chanel. Just owning something with the two "C's" would seal the deal.
  7. def the chanel :yes:
  8. Get the Chanel!!
  9. definitely the chanel, but I do like the Lanvin that you picked, but I would say go with the chanel
  10. Chanel, absolutely!
  11. I agree with balihai88 on The Sak comparison.

    Definitely go for the Chanel. It's beautiful.
  12. LOVE the Chanel!!
  13. I love the Chanel!
  14. Hands down, Chanel. I'm not just saying that because I'm biased, but brand name aside, I don't really like the design of the Lanvin tote.

    The Ultimate Soft is very delicate though because the leather is very very soft (hence the name lol). Lambskin tends to scratch easily. It's a gorgeous bag though!
  15. I'd go for the Chanel.