Black shoes and a black dress??? Boring or classy??

  1. So I have just brought a LBD for my christmas university ball, it's gorgeous:p!

    So now onto shoes, I have heard you should always spice up a black dress with different coloured shoes, 2 of my friends agree, 1 doesn't!
    I thought silver would look lovely!!

    So, I figured what's your view on the black dress and black shoes problem?:rolleyes:
  2. I think it depends on what you're comfortable with.. a black dress for me would be like a nice blank canvas for me to add a pop of color to.. but i love that sort of thing.. a little edgy, exciting!!!

    Black on black is more classy, sophisticated.. put together.. i think a silver shoe would have the same effect also.. I would probably decide by which shoe i want to wear more.. or the sort of effect your going for..
  3. definitely classy, which does not mean i dismiss silver shoes as they will look good too ! i think a lot of it depends on which bag you want to take with you ...;)
  4. it's classy looking to me
  5. Its class depending on the cut of the dress and the style of shoes, which I'm sure yours is fabulous. With that being said, I LOVE silver shoes with an LBD!
  6. classy look when you pair it some color like white.. make it by two tone color..
  7. its classy! if you wanna add more punch to your outfit, maybe accessorize with another color?? like a red beaded necklace/bracelet and like red lipstick??
  8. classy for sure, and pop it with a hot red/silver bag!
  9. Definatley classy but I think silver gives the same effect!
  10. Definitely classy and not boring, unless your dress and shoes are frumpy, in which case it will be a funeral uniform! But, I doubt you would wear an ugly dress or shoes :p. I think it really depends on how you want to add pop to your outfit, with the shoes or accessories. Personally I think black on black with colorful accessories (earrings, necklace, handbag) is a great way to add some tasteful edge! But, if you want to be conservative with your accessories, you can always wear colored shoes!
  11. Black shoes + black dress is always in style IMO. You could do silver or really any other color you want. I usually wear black shoes with a black dress... I just love black!!! :shame:
  12. Black shoes and a black dress is so classy and sexy :tup:
    I love the look! It really depends on the cut of the dress and type of shoe however..if the dress is really simple I wear red CL's or silver Choos. You don't want to overdo the simple, classy look but you don't want it to look boring, so add a POP of color with silver, red, etc. :biggrin:
  13. Black shoes and black dress is great together; the dress is all about the fit (your body type and always alterations if needed).
  14. not boring at all - its all about accessorizing!! =)
  15. Black and black combo is always Classy!!