Black Shoe Bag

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  1. nice!

    I'm not buying anything overseas anymore. Shipping takes too long
  2. is it just me or are the studs a little stunted? I was thinking of bidding but got a little thrown off by the studs...and what do u use the shoe bag for (well, apart from storing shoes...)?
  3. I guess you can use it to put anything in it, but it's a shoe bag and was created for shoes. Maybe because I have several of them (not balenciagas, but a variety of designers), I can't see using it as anything else since it'll always look and feel like a shoe bag to me.
  4. ^ surfer, do you think it was really intended just for shoes? I just figured it was a little joke from the designer - otherwise I would have expected it to be made more than just one season. I use mine for errands and such, it's super handy - I don't even think of it as a shoe bag or intended for storing anything. The hardware is "mini" compared to a regular bag - it's like the clutch hardware.
  5. ^ Yeah, I personally also think it is a different style/take on the clutch. I'm honestly not even sure if it could really fit shoes? :shame: I thought it was the cutest little bag, a perfect larger size, yet still petite enough to store inside your bigger bags. It's also a great little handheld/wristlet style bag for evening / errands.
  6. I think it can be used for other things, just like a briefcase can be used as a cosmetic traincase. I have a lot of shoe bags and by the measurements it's the fits right in there and looks just like a shoebag. Not to say you CAN'T use it to store other things but it just looks like the other shoebags I have that are just that, a shoebag. Just like I've seen sunglass bags be used as cosmetic bags. People can be versatile irregardless on what it really is. I'm just giving my own opinion because I deal with a ton of them. ** oh and once I called barney's to see what they had on sale and they referred to them as a shoebag also. And one more which is kind of funny...once barney's called the hobo as a feed bag. So, bbags can be used for a variety of things but I don't think I'll be filling any of their bags with grain. lol
  7. I remember when the day bag used to be called the saddle / feed bag when it first came out!
  8. Yeah, It was called a potato sack also.
  9. Many of the SAs at Barneys in Boston and CH still call day bags "feed bags." A number of times I have asked about a day bag or hobo, an SA has paused and looked at me for a moment and then said, "oh, the feedbag."
  10. I know this seller and she's absolutely honest ;) - I know that she bought this black shoebag from a lovely PFer :yes: - so no doubt it's authentic and in very good/mint condition.
    I have this 'shoe bag' in teal and I LOOOOOOOOOOVE it !!! I store all my little things and papers in it and put this into my bigger handbag - it's easy and comfortable when I change my bag every day :love: ! Good luck to everyone :flowers: