Black shiny caviar jumbo flap w/silver HW at Saks?

  1. please help me find one outside of California (to save tax) for EGC -- THANKS!
  2. ^^I thought even if you order from out-of-State Saks, you'll still get charged tax since we have a Saks here in Cali? Am I missing something?

    ETA: I just saw the other thread about taxes.....
  3. Try Delyse (Saks) at 248-808-0712. I think they had one yesterday. If not, she'll find it if it's available, she's my fave SA.
  4. Sometimes you have to remind the SA to send it to you as a "gift send" (to avoid sales tax;)) and that's why I usually order from an out of state Saks.
  5. found one guys! and it's made in france too (i still don't have a handle on the difference with the made in italy ones but the consensus seems to be people prefer flaps made in france). so she will be tax free and i will get a $300 gift card to boot -- i love saks!
  6. ^^Congrats!

    :supacool: Thanks for the tip!