Black SGH Day or Anthracite SGH Day - help me decide...

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Black SGH Day or Anthracite SGH Day?

  1. Black SGH Day

  2. Anthracite SGH Day

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. #1 Feb 6, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 6, 2010
    Just recently started becoming interested in the Day style... seems that the Day with SGH looks amazing. Am trying to decide which is better - Black or Anthracite day in SGH?

    Does anyone have both the black and anthracite SGH day that can help post side-by-side photos, if possible? Any mod shots would also be very helpful. :smile:

    Appreciate any suggestions. TIA!
  2. My Anthra SGH Day is my workhorse bag. I love it as I can fit so much in it but the GH makes it quite stylish too. Plus Anthra and SGH is the perfect combo that goes with just about anything. This is the only bag that I've owned for over a year as I chop and change my bags quite often. I had a black SGH Day but found it a little severe with the SGH.

    08 Black SGH Day and 09 Anthra SGH Day.
  3. I love black sgh combo but I think im gonna vote anthracite as I think it looks better on the day than black ( I dont know why! lol).
  4. I voted Anthra, after seeing Saff's gorgeous pictures. You can't really go wrong though, both are fantastic colours you can wear with pretty much anything.:smile:
  5. I have a black SGH and just LOVE it!
  6. Anthra
  7. Anthra
  8. I vote Anthracite. It is much more interesting than black.
  9. I voted for black but after looking at the Anthra, it is very pretty indeed!
  10. saff - Thanks for the very quick response and with side-by-side photos! They both look great! Have similar concern as you re. black SGH day possibly being severe-looking... my fashion style is low-key and thinking anthra SGH day is more understated and goes better with a low-key look. Having said that, the black SGH day does look gorgeous too... still undecided :thinking:

    qwerty234 - thanks, I agree both look amazing!

    thanks to all who voted... keep them coming in! looking at the poll, anthra is overwhelmingly in the lead - I wear dark blue jeans a lot but also wear black top and pants a lot. Does anthra also go well with an all-black outfit? or is it better suited to a more casual look?
  11. Do you love anthra ggh ?
  12. Anthra
  13. I voted Anthra.
  14. anthra is just a little bit different and looks really good with the silver.
  15. Anthra if you want an everyday bag as i think it will go with most if you like rocker-ish edge to your outfit:idea:
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