1. Pro's/con's?

    Also does the Jersey tote come in any other colors besides the one that looks kind of gold.

    I have only seen a Jersey flap.

    Do you think the black satin Melrose would be more dressy and usable all year-round vs. jersey looking kind of seasonal.

    I would be getting one of them form out of state and hate to deal with returns sp looking for some advice before I decide.

    They are about same price point and size too, yes?


  2. I think the jersey tote also comes in black and a dark silver color. There is a picture of the dark silver (small size) in the reference library. About two weeks ago the Chanel boutiques had the small size black tote and also the larger size in silver at the Hawaii boutique. I believe Nordstrom may also have this bag in the large size.

    I got my small tote last week in the dark silver and just love it. I found mine at the Chanel boutique in Saipan (Northern Mariana Islands). As far as I know, Hawaii was the only boutique in the U.S. that had the small bag in dark silver and they sold out very quickly.

    I really don't see this fabric as being seasonal, although I think it will be a great summer bag. The only con that I can see to owning this bag is the fact that if it is used often, I think the fabric will rub up a bit. I suggest that you get it, I think you will really :heart: it. :yes: As far as the prices go, they seem to differ a bit, depending on where you buy it. The small tote at Chanel boutiques is $1395 and the large is $1595, the large at Nordstrom is $1475 :confused1: and I paid $1510 for my small tote in Saipan.
  3. Now I am really confused. Are these bags the same as the Coco Cabas.

    I am a Chanel "newbie".

    Help !!!

  4. As a large satin Melrose owner I will be biased and say that's a better choice, it's chic and roomy! It's not too dressy at all but I can see it being "seasonal" due to fabric. The only thing is that because it is satin, you have to be careful not to get it dirty/wet.
  5. No, it's not the same as the coco cabas, it is a melrose cabas. Go to the reference library and look under pictures of your coco cabas on page 5. Missisa07 has a picture of the same bag that I have, and the one I assume you are asking about. This is the small size of the melrose cabas bag in dark silver (jersey material). I'm not sure why you are confused. These bags are not available in leather, only jersey material, vinyl, and satin.
  6. I had the choice between the jersey and the satin and I chose the silver jersey cabas. It's still one of my FAVE bags! I wear it more than any of my other bags, and it looks in great condition still!

    I was at Chanel Ala Moana the other week and they had in the black, white, and silver melrose cabas. They had the black & white sparkly laminated jersey in the smaller and larger sizes, but only the silver one in the larger size (I bought one of the last smaller ones). :yes:

    It's really a matter of personal preference. For me, the jersey just totally won me over (and I'm a sworn leather fiend!)