Black Satin Cabas????

  1. anyone seen it IRL?Im possibly going to buy it sight unseen..NOT sure if its too much for me.Im afraid it may be too big...especially in black satin...
    Calling all PFers who have it or have seen it IRL!!!LOL!
    LMK! I need your opinion asap!HEHE!!!
    Thanks a bunch!
  2. Get it, I saw it on this forum and its gorgeous!!! Buy it so I can se if I like it lol.
  3. U know whats weird....?I called short Hills Chanel,THOSE buggers told me it was SOLD OUT!
    Then another SA calls me today and has one for a different Chanel store.....WTH?????
    me thinks SHort Hills SA's ARE CLUELESS!!!!!
  4. I have only seen it on the forum...but gawd..its gorgeous.
  5. YEAH i saw a picture here, and it looks beautiful!!
  6. I saw a picture in that Paris thread. It looks gorgeous! The only thing that bothers me about the new style of cabas (melrose style I guess?) is that the hardware feels really cheap. The big CC is plastic and even the chain that it is attached to is very very light and feels kind of cheap compared to the one on my cabas and luxe ligne tote. It's so gorgeous though! I've only seen the blue melrose IRL, not yet the black satin as it hasn't come in yet.
  7. The big CC is plastic??!! I can't tell from the pic.

    Does anyone know the price?

  8. Its because Paul is gone:crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:
  9. I saw the satin cabas at the chanel boutique on 57th in nyc. The bag is very pretty, but too large in my opinion for a satin bag. Also as someone posted earlier the hardware is plastic, which kinda turned me off. The fabric is really smooth though.
  10. My sis has it and I like it better than the patent one. and it's not too big or too shiny. cheap too last year..995
  11. I beleive its like 1500??
  12. I think, that you will think, it's too big for you. Once you try it on.
  13. I would just be afraid of it snagging and I don't think i would pay 1500 for plastic cc's
  14. yeah it's $1595
  15. Yep, the CC's are plastic. Even the metal "looking" chain links that attach the big CC to the bag are super light weight, which is good if you like light things, but makes me wonder about the durability.

    I guess since satin in itself is lightweight they wanted to make the hardware light to match? It just felt cheap IMHO. Not something that I would personally pay $1,595 for. Hope that doesn't offend anyone!