Black Satin Ballet Flat w/ White Camelia ON SALE $695-->$349

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  1. Just got a call from my SA about this gorgeous black satin ballerina w/ white camellia & bow:


    Original price $695
    Newly marked down to $349

    Limited sizes available.

    If you're seriously interested please PM me for store/SA info.
  2. very cute!
  3. thanx for posting! very pretty!
  4. these are cute
  5. they are so....o cute
  6. Adorable shoes....thanks for posting!!~
  7. hi there.... new to the forum... not sure how to pm!!!
    but love love love the shoes. was just looking at it last week. full px then. would love the sa info - am a 6.5. do u think they hv it in my size? tia,
  8. I messaged you! :smile:
  9. Very cute shoes!
  10. I wish i can wear those lovely flats...sigh!!~
  11. ohhh did anyone ever end up getting these or seeing them IRL???

    any thoughts on sizing/comfort etc?

    thanks :smile:
  12. These are really cute.