Black Satchel Bags - Any Opinions on a Brand??

  1. I want to get a black satchel bag that can be carried by hand and by shoulder for winter time and I was wondering if you PF'ers could help me out and help me out on what brand I should get. Any advice would be so great!! Thanks. :yes:
  2. easy for me..LOL..the Prada Gauffre bag..look in Prada forum for pics..LOVE THIS BAG!
  3. Thanks Jill, I'll check it out right now!!
  4. Ha! I was going to say Prada Cervo Antic Satchel. Check it out in the Blog Entries. :yes:

    Anyone want to loan me a few grand? :nuts:
  5. Sorry, couldn't get the link above to work. Go to and search 7275927
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