Black Sabrinas/Juliannes with Silver Hardware still available?

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  1. I was at the boutique today trying on the Sabrina (again) and the SA told me that the leather black Sabrinas and Juliannes with silver hardware are sold out and being discontinued. Does anyone have information on this?

    I did a lot of damage at the outlets this month and I was going to save up for one of these bags even if I had to order it at full price. I'll be very sad if this is true.:sad:
  2. Yes they are available, I just called Jax - 1-888-262-6224, and they have 700 of the medium silver/black Sabrina's - give them a call, I don't know what size you are wanting, but they do have plenty of # 12937, hope this helps.
  3. Im glad you posted this because I have been contemplating getting a small black/silver hardware sabrina...this may be the fire under my butt that i need to go ahead with it.:idea:
  4. Thank you so much! Yes it was the small/medium I was interested in. The SA was looking up in the computer to see if I could still order it and she said "zeros" were showing up? She also told me she got the last sabrina in black with silver hardware that her store had and it was a customer return. I wonder where she got that information from?:confused1:
  5. I just called them today also and they do have the Black/silver, Black/brass, Espresso, Cherry, Parchment and Steel.
  6. I think your SA has her info mixed up. My SA told me it's the brass/black that's being discontinued.
  7. I am glad I could help you - let us know if you order one - You will love her.
  8. This is highly possible. I didn't even think of that!
  9. I will be saving up from now on! I think this is the only bag that has struck me through pictures AND in real life!
  10. It's still on the website and I think they are doing free shipping!
  11. the only sabrinas and juliannes that are getting discontinued are the fushia signature and the resort op art print.
  12. Definitely available....just bought one last night...