Black Rose Ring?

  1. Anyone know where I can get a black rose ring like this one? This one is from Urban Outfitters but they only come in sizes 6 and 7. I need a 5 or smaller. Any ideas? I don't care if it is cheap, expensive or anything in between :P
  2. I'm not sure if it comes in different sizes or not... but Anna Sui has a black rose ring lip gloss where you can flick open the black rose at the top and reveal a lip gloss inside.

    Maybe you can try that? However, I have a funny feeling it's one size only.
  3. ^^ That might work...any idea where I can find the Anna Sui ring? Thanks!:flowers:
  4. hi again,

    You can get it at any Anna Sui makeup counter. I'm from Canada so I only know where you can get it in the Toronto area...

    but I'm sure even if there isn't a freestanding Anna Sui store near you, there should be an anna sui makeup counter at one of your local department stores?

    I did a quick search for you and I can't find anna sui cosmetics at, Saks, Neimans, Bergdorfs, or bloomies! wow.. I would've thought I'd find it at one of those places!!

    Sorry I can't direct you to a specific place. Hope you're able to find a cosmetics counter!
  5. Chanel fine jewelry or Chanel costume jewelry - both have rings like that. The fine jewelry ring is about $2,500 for the smaller size, I think the costume rings are $200-300.
  6. H&M has one.
  7. the Chanel one is so nice:love:
  8. H&M has one. I believe it's $5.90 and it comes in s/m and m/l.
  9. Thank you all so much for the suggestions :flowers:

    I'm going shopping tomorrow so I'm going to check out some of the options.
  10. Aldo shoes has that ring in a size 5.
  11. Charlotte Russe has it for 3.99!
  12. Thanks everyone!

    I actually ended up getting the one from Urban Outfitters. I found one that was marked as a size 6 but it was actually much smaller than that.:yahoo:

    So, if anyone else is looking for one, I suggest going to the store and acutally trying them on.
  13. Are these still around any longer? I was hoping for one by Chanel but curious about others...
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