Black Rocco with Pale Gold vs. Antique Brass

  1. If pebbles are important to you than keep the pale gold that you have now. I have always waited for the end of season Barney's sales (40% off) and you definitely get the bottom of the barrel when it comes to pebbles.
  2. Are you sure those are pale gold he hasn't done a pale gold for a few seasons now. The last one I remember was in a latte color blk and a few more. I think you might be confusing it with the silver.
  3. Nope. 100% sure it's pale gold. Definitely not silver. Not that stores are always correct, but ordered it from Barney's 2 weeks ago as pale gold. :smile:
  4. YAY!!!!!!! :dothewave: so glad to hear u kept pale gold! he's STUNNING!

    and i know how u feel about the hunt.... i was the same way with rosegold but it never went on sale so i finally just ordered retail and it was worth every penny!! :biggrin:
  5. So glad you went with the pale gold! There is a gal on the blog The Life Styled who has that combo with some mod shots and it is really stunning. Think you made a good choice. I have the brass for casual days and the rose gold for my more glam moods.
  6. Agree 100% about the quality! I also don't want to buy one if it's not on sale. When would the next Barneys sale be you think?