Black RM Search

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  1. I am searching for a real deal or shall I say steal on a black RM bag. If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know. I almost cried this afternoon when I lost a $300 MAM Black with Blue Stamp (my fav) by 10 minutes. Can my extended TPF family help a newbie?:shame:
  2. Hmmm funkylala has special order for the black basketweave MAM I think that is 20%-25% off 550 they also have the older style black MAB for 528 and LunaBoston has the new night MAB with 20% off ... however if this is a sudden buy to replace what was lost I suggest thinking about it for a little bit. Hope this helps!
  3. FLL's black basketweave orders are out until June 15 - they sent me an e-mail asking if that was OK, and of course, I said yet. More time to get the credit card paid off.
  4. Lunaboston has the Night MAB on preorder. 20% off with code grechen.

    Also RM has a new NOIR coming out in the prefall line