black rivet bag??

  1. I was looking through the celeb thread and kept seeing misha barton with the black rivet bag! Loves much and where can I get one? thanks
  2. Try calling 866-VUITTON [if you're in the US] or your local boutique to see if there is still one available. Good luck with your search!
  3. how much is it btw? thanks
  4. They have one in the Seattle store. I believe I saw it. I know they are like 3000 or so from what I've heard.
  5. If I'm not mistaken: around $2,975 USD?
  6. It is $3,300 USD I like the white one better
  7. They have the white at my store here BUT my SA stated that you would have to be quite careful with it due to the lambskin and colour transfer issues:yes: I prefer the clouds range:heart:
  8. I tried on the black lambskin riveting recently, and it's tdf! If it weren't $3300, I'd have bought it right then and there!

  9. I totally agree!:yes: It IS TDF:drool: GORGEOUS!!!
  10. yeah its a HOT bag, totaly worth the $ I think, but what kills me is all these celebs use the same bag too much! they have loads of money! switch it up!
  11. Ahh I'd love one too. Mischa makes it look so grand. Got the mono version cause I just can't stomach the price tag on the black yet. Maybe I'll luck out on eBay one day if someone gets tired of using theirs. lol
    Let us know if you get one. We love photos!
  12. ha if it ever hit's eBay it will be 6k