BLACK Rita- Ursala and Marilyn on ebay

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  1. Out of all three, I only like the Marilyn and even so I'm not crazy about it. Not feeling these MC bags.
  2. I was just elated to see the Rita in black finally. I had seen photos of all the others and the different colors.
  3. Love the body of the bag itself, just not a fan of the thick twisted handles at all.
  4. Can you imagine how comfy those will be compared to usual Lv handles tho? lol ... like a pillow. But they look like a pillow, not good. This just seems like one of those bags that if you saw it on the street it would be hard to believe it was real LV, ya know?
  5. i'm not in love with the mc bags at all.
  6. The seller had an explanation. I think they know that those bags aren't going to go for less than retail. Most could start real LV that is brand new and unused at $1 and know it will sell for what it should. If it doesn't you know it was probably fake or had heavy useage.

    Fortunately the fakes havent been perfected for multicolore black as well as white. Small details are always lacking and the lining of fake black bags are never the right mole shade if all of the colors on the bag are correct.

    Multicolore LV is the only thing I feel comfortable enough buying on eBay because you can always tell a fake.

    I shamelessly swiped their Rita photo for my signature. But it's not necessarily a good thing cause the more I see it the more I HAVE to have it! lol
  7. Ever since the fist picture of Ursula came out on tPF I've wanted it.

    Are these three bags permanent? If so, I want one for my birthday (December 23) :p
  8. Happy birthday REALLY early Alaska...hehe.
    I was told by my SA they are permanents to the line, but have seen others on here post differently, as usual. I'd say since their is nothing extremely special about them or a lot of hype and waiting lists to them, that they're perm. I hope they are anyway. I want both colors of the Rita and can't afford it all at once with all the other stuff released that's LE I gotta have right now! lol
  9. Haha!!! I shall triumph the Ursula!! LOL!!

    I hope it's permanent. How often is MC introduced in new styles? Thanks!!
  10. Well let's see...I'm no pro on MC by far and took a full year off from LV buying/watching in 2006 so I could be wrong.

    They put out the Audra, Shirley and Lodges around spring 2005 I believe. I remember ordering my black Audra from Elux the moment it hit online and that was around the same time I bought a black MC speedy -seems like it was this time of year- April/May. Let-trade has a pretty beat up black Audra right now with a March 2005 date code so that sounds right.

    And then the next round that came out was when the Aurelia, Eliza and Priscilla was introduced and I think that was spring 2006 but I'm not sure. I've seen a March 2006 date code in an Aurelia GM bag and it's the earliest I've seen so far.

    Noe and Rift came out around that same time I think?? They kinda snuck up on me.

    Then they released these for spring this year so looks like once a year in spring or summer. Seems like the trend is to release 3 main bags a year?

    I think it was that same way doing around 3 bags a year when the original line was introduced. The did the speedy, Alma and keepall in 2003 for sure cause that was when the stars were toting them. I think the trouville, sologne, and mini HL were 2004 along with pochette accessoires. Could definitely be wrong about that tho. I know most "normal" people couldnt even get the multicolore because it was so limited before 2004.

    There were of course some LE items like the Leonor and Theda. Maybe 2003 or 2004 for them? Also there was a Gracie that I believe was a 2004 bag, not sure? Ammend that: Let-trade has a gracie in white right now that has a January 2005 date code, so it was a 2005 bag also. Their Theda has a date code of July 2004 on Let-trade also.

    I forgot the Fringe line. It was released last summer-date code June 2006. Maybe they do three main bags and one LE line per year?
  11. i asked a representative on eluxury, she said, these collections are limited (for now) and if they are selling well, they will be included in their MC permanent collection.

    i do want these badly, but too bad i cannot order from eluxury (not in US), eBay i don't trust and the price's over $2000 USD that's insane! If someone in the state can help me get one i'd be truely happy :p