Black RH PT wanted!

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  1. I just can't seem to find one anywhere :sad: I see lots of GH bags, but no RH ...If you have any idea on where to find one, please help :biggrin:

    Thank you!
  2. Did you try BAL London? I saw someone buying a black RH PT yesterday. I know bec I have never seen a PT IRL and asked the person buying it.
  3. Hi ejsc55

    No, I haven't! Do you know if they ship abroad? I'm in this Bal-forsaken country so unfortunately I can't go and get one myself :sad:
  4. Yeah, I am pretty sure. I just don't know how customs works.....
  5. Thank you! Will give them a ring tomorrow and hear if they do ship abroad and how to go about it :biggrin: customs shouldn't be a problem since I'm in Europe as well, however when I get stuff from the US *sheeesh*
  6. Good luck, I hope you find what you are looking for!! I think for future reference, post this questions in the shopping section. This will probably be moved to that section or closed.
  7. Saw some here in Paris yesterday with Delmilano, I think it was at the Galerie Lafayette. It's likely George V or Printemps have them as well.
  8. Thank you drati - great to have somewhere to call as I've been looking for one online without much success (missed the one on Ann's Fabulous Finds ...).

    Mods, could you please move this thread to Bal Shopping and not close it? Apologize for not posting there in the first place - not used to all the subforums around here :smile:
  9. Black_Swarmer, they do ship to DK but the don't do returns.
  10. Thank you Livia :biggrin: Will definitely give them a call! And also Holly Golightly since they told me that they would be getting some black PT's this season as they have had several inquiries for PT (don't get why they would only get blacks, I think they could sell lots of PT's!).
    Hopefully I will get my black RH PT soon :nuts:
  11. Yeah, I never understood the lack of PT's at Holly Golightly. Also, they are a bit too afraid of colours imo. For instance they won't be getting anything in Pourpre. Danes are not THAT afraid of colour, are they. LOL. I hope you find a gorgeous black RH PT :smile:
  12. No, I don't think so :biggrin: The only reason I'm looking for a black PT is that I bought this gorgeous purple leather coat and a black PT would look great with it! Must bring it when I go to Paris in November so I can figure out which other Bal colours to wear it with :graucho:
  13. Just a little update ...
    Today I called Holly Golightly and they expected the PT's to arrive later this week. They weren't sure about the hardware but GSH were on the list and perhaps also RH. They didn't know the exact price yet but somewhere between 10 and 11.000 DKR.

    So I called Bal London and they had black RH PT and for the price of 7.500 DKR (£ 905 incl. postage) so of course I went ahead and ordered one :nuts: Hope it gets here soon!

    Btw. great service from Bal London, order form came almost immediately and the SA was very helpful!
  14. Good to hear, hope it get's to you soon. Last time I ordered from them my purchase arrived two days later :biggrin:
    And yes, the low £ atm is very good for us :P
    I've also had very good service from Bal London!
  15. YEAH!!! Glad you got it!! The SA I spoke to and then dealt with was great too! Hope you get it soon!