Black RH Pochette!!! Color & Size Comparison shots <3

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  1. Yay!!! Look what came back for me from PARIS!!! I only dropped some hints to my special other left and there was no updates about it in our daily convo but this morning, fresh off the plane...:yahoo:


    Weather's funky today, sun keeps going in & out of the clouds...
    hmmm... so let me go adjust the light in some of the rest of the pix (ALOT!!!),
    be back in a few mins!!!

  2. Wow! Live reveal! Finally I get to see one! ;)
  3. hurry hurryyyyy!!!!!!!!
  4. #4 Jul 12, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 12, 2009

    09 Black is gooooooood! Not as jet black as my 05 but better than what I have seen in the years in between. I like the leather too. I don't like my leathers tooo veiny, this is definately OK! The veins are obvious in the pix but they are not as hard IRL. It is also thicker than the 07-08 agneau in my own stash.


    My little pochette with big sister FW05 WE:

    With Buton d'or in between for another comparison:
  5. so cuteee and beautiful leather! i myself dunt like my leather veiny too but unfortunately my automne clutch is veiny but i dunt care.. this pochette of urs is too too cute!!! i shud get one for myself!!

    any mod pics pleasee?????
  6. Wow the leather is very gorgeous on this. I can't wait to get my Pochette now. Congrats and enjoy!
  7. Wow! That's really cute! It keep getting better with each post about this pochette.
  8. Come tour the facade and interior design:


    Instead of an extra piece at the side for depth, there were darts on the main body of pochette for depth:

    There is that little interior pocket but what I really like, was the little brass loop they attached the mirror to! I think I can attach a wrist strap onto this loop and make this like a wristlet! *hmmm*

    MU didn't even come with a mirror even tho its the 'MAKEUP' and even in my Oval (which has gone to another TPFer), the mirror was tied to the zip loop. No extra brass loop inside specially for attaching the mirror.

  9. I diidnt know it comes with a mirror.. so cute.. lol !

    Apart from the side panel that gives an MU its depth, IMO, the length and width of a MU and a POCHETTE are almost identical. The details like a flap cover and the piping on the Pochette, makes it a real clutch/pouch.


    No offense to those out there using the MU as a clutch. Sorry!
    I never did, somehow it didn't seem right... but the pochette is SO MUCH BETTER!
    At this moment, I am even glad I never found the flat clutch I wanted but I am still looking for the envelope clutch I want.
  11. so cute! I love the design...very classy and sophisticated!
  12. Thanks for the comparison pics. It is so cute!
  13. I think the pochette is the perfect small bag...thanks so much for the comparison shots!
    Congrats on a lovely Clutch!
  14. I'm so glad Bal's taking their time to put in more detail with each piece. I never know the makeup clutch doesn't come with a mirror. I'm glad this one come with it though.
  15. Toety, those are gorgeous pics. I really like this style and I too was never a fan of using a MU as a clutch. This is really cute and how cute is the little strap where the mirror is attached.