black resin bangles

  1. Has anyone actually seen or tried on these black resin bangles? (I grabbed the photo from one of sammikat's posts. I hope that's OK.) I have little wrists and I don't know if they'd look silly or just fall off. I don't have good luck finding bangles that work for me.

    I know $325 is a kind of crazy price, but I sort of want one anyway. I'm low on money at the moment and can't be buying any bags for a while, but this may be a small luxury that can tide me over. Or am I just being crazy?
  2. I like to buy accessories when I don't see any bags I'm interested in. I don't think $325 is crazy, but crazy prices are really relative to what you are used to spending for stuff. The Louis Vuitton inclusion bracelets are about $300.:yes:
  3. It is a bit crazy especially when the LV bracelets WITH crystals that are the same size at 255. :push:
  4. I like them..I dont think its crazy!!
  5. I think they are cute- and if you get one and it doesn't work out you can always return it.
  6. I love those bracelets.....I plan on getting two of them. I haven't seen them IRL or tried them on, but I know I'll love them.

    I have 2 Inclusion bracelets from Chanel...and a ton of them from LV....I get a lot of use out of them!!!!

    Here's my Chanel Inclusions - top right in the picture:

  7. I bought the set of three resin bracelets. They are not as wides as those. One is pink, one black and one white. They were $570.00 for the set.
  8. I want one too!! :love: but my twig like boney wrist would not wear it well.. *sigh* :crybaby:
  9. I always buy some small accessory when there isn't a bag I'm in love with. I think it's a good idea to add those to your wardrobe.
  10. I haven't seen them in person but I really like the one that says Chanel...I think it's white?
    Anyway I agree, the LV Inclusions are similar so I'm used to the price. As long as they're not super light and they fit well on me, I might get one.
  11. Try it on and see if you like. Go for it. They're hot!
  12. They had the metal version at my boutique tonite..they are HOT!! I was tempted but am waiting for the resin.
  13. Wow! I love them all! :love:
    How much were the inclusion resin bracelets? I think I remember someone saying they were around $320-ish??? Also, do they open?

    Do you know if they are still available? I just may have to get one (or two!):p
  14. I saw those on they are so cute- please post a pic! :yes:
  15. Lambloveschanel-Great bangles!