black reissue?

  1. Has anyone seen this anywhere? I appreciate your help in advance. thanks.
  2. someone posted one recently in the authetic finds thread. they are sold out everywhere now, since they were 2005 or 2006 fall collections.
  3. ^it was sold just as i was about to buy it :sad:
  4. Keep trying, maybe one will show up.
  5. i saw one two weeks ago in the chanel boutique window in long island, could be either size 225/226, matt black w/ silver chain
  6. ^ sorry but do you know what street that is on? i am not from the US and am just looking up the stockist list on
  7. what a shame, frayed_misfit! which one was it? the 2005 black & gold hw reissue or the 2006 black & silver hw one?
  8. can't remember the year but it was in the 226 size :sad:
  9. aww what a shame! i think i know which one you wanted to buy, it wasn't the 2005 reissue with gold hw, it was the 2006 one with silver hw! Don't worry though, i'm sure another one will pop up somewhere soon.