Black reissue with silver chains


May 21, 2006
Does chanel still produce this color or is it mega hard to find one in store?

also does anyone know what other new color is coming in 2007 for the reissue????

i really like the broze and dark silver but really would like a black one with silver chains as my first reissue. Also is it hard to look after like the lambskin? is it more delicate?

now i'm thinking of size as well, which size is the best for everyday use as well as beign able to take to dinner party as such.

I'd love to see pictures of this one too! My mom is looking for a reissue, non-metallic, with polished chains like my Cruise reissue...I'm trying to hunt down something for her.
It's still available just harder to find. I think the medium 226 is the best size for you. I use it as a day to evening bag. I got mine just a few weeks ago at Bloomies in MA -- thanks to a fellow tpf'er. :yes: