black reissue with GWH VS Black caviar jumbo with GHW

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  1. Hi Ladies:

    I need your help to help me to decide which one I should get.

    I love both and want both of them but I can only afford one at this moment. so which one do you suggest. reissue with GWH
    2.Black caviar jumbo with GHW

    ps: I just got one 10c Red Caviar Maxi.

    thank you all
  2. As you already have a maxi I would get the reissue :love:
  3. Vote 2, reissue.
  4. Reissue!
  5. reissue for variation
  6. Reissue black as you already have a caviar.
  7. I have had both and the reissue is so comfortable & easy to wear!
  8. i just bought my first chanel bag last week, and i was tossing up between the reissue and black caviar jumbo, and I end up bought the reissue with SHW!!! i love it!!!

    btw i paid $4700 for it!!!!
  9. I vote for the re-issue!

    In what country?

  10. Isn't that kind of high? :nuts:
  11. Vote for reissue too.
  12. reissue for sure
  13. Go with the reissue!! Especially since you already have the other version. Plus, reissues look so hot in GHW! Hope you can reveal yours soon.
  14. if you already have a maxi, for sure get a's a beautiful bag especially with GHW.
  15. nothing can beat reissue with ghw