Black reissue with Gold hardware SOS

  1. I recently came to realize that the reissue I waitlisted for is a metallic black rather than the 2007 distressed calfskin black that I had fallen in love with...Are they still being sold in boutiques? How can I track one down? I prefer not to eBay and I am desperate for any information asap....pleassssssse.
    A style number would also help me out greatly.
    Thank you so much x
  2. Thank you so much...unfortuantely I called and they did a system search and all the boutiques in the states do not have it...!
    Does anyone know if NM or anywhere else has it??
  3. i believe they're all sold out. i've called a lot of Chanel Boutique's before but they we're all gone. until recently i finally found an Anniversary version. hope you find yours soon;)
  4. i believe the 07A version is only limited to Chanel Boutique's...
  5. Oh dear...are you absolutely sure?
    Congratulations on your purchase...its gorgeous :smile: Wear it in good health
  6. :yes:
    I was lucky to purchased mine in July 07 (my local Chanel only received 7 total)
  7. Hi,

    Yes, I'm looking for the '07 black distressed 2.55 re-issue also. YEs,Chanel is sold out as my SA has done a search for me too. I have called several NM and none of them have any. I called Saks and one of the SA from the Beverly Hills store said Saks never got any of that version. The closest version there is out there is the Monte Carlo/Paris version. I believe Purrrfect has a picture in the library of the Monte Carlo

  8. chanel will release this version again believe me, maybe not this season or maybe it's hidden somewhere in next upcoming shipments who knows ??!!

    chanelobsessed try call your local boutiques everyday & i MEAN it ... EVERY DAY till you get what you want.

    goodluck :heart:
  9. Ok gals I don't know how helpful this will be, but if you have friends or colleagues in Tokyo or are going there, or have SA contacts there, I saw a lot of the black reissue w gold hw in various sizes when I was in Tokyo a month plus ago!
  10. Thank you xxxxx
    Chanelle our boutiques suckkkk Im getting the metallic one :sad:
    Shiny_hair I wish I knew someone in tokyo :sad::sad:
  11. Oh don't worry babe, I'm sure you'll eventually find one somehow.. Have you tried the Hawaii boutiques? I can give you an SA contact for the Hawaii Chanel boutique if you want, PM me...
  12. plez do post pix of your new :yahoo: :heart:
  13. lol@ Chanelle I think we have each others dream bags no? You have the matte distressed I have the metallic?
    Ill post pics sooon. :biggrin:
  14. as Chanelle said above ,try call boutiques that might be able to send it if they still track one down or know any info if this is going to be released again even in lmd pieces! you never know!my C/b found and got mine from Amsterdam last Summer -Fall !
    otherwise go with something else you equallly love rather then e-bay or/and the kind IMHO!