Black Reissue with Gold Chain

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  1. Dear All, does anyone know if the black reissue with gold chain in 226 or 227 size is still available? I'm looking for this one as a b-day present to myself!!! Help needed!!!!
  2. hmmm i have one in 227 but i bought that quite some time ago. the best bet is that you could try eBay, it appears occasionally online. otherwise you could try calling chanel / NM / Saks / Nordies and ask them if they still have it. i know a fellow tpfer posted the one with the pearl and mirror thread a few days back, if you don't mind that edition.
  3. I bought the black reissue with Gold chain in size 225 one month ago. I was extremely lucky because the boutique had only one!
    I also live in Greece!
    But I am sure you will be able to track one down.
    Goold luck!!
  4. I own the 226 size and purchased it back in July, call Chanel 800# as this particular style was only sold at Chanel Boutiques.
  5. I think it was a limited rerelease for the boutiques only.Try calling one of the boutiques. They can check the computer to see if there are any more available.
  6. Yes, NM Beverly Hills has / had (I say that because, I don't know if they still do, being a week or so ago now) the Paris / Monte Carlo Pearl Reissue....which is black with gold hardware but you pay a bit more for the extras (mirror and pearl necklace). I have it and it is can take the extras off for the simple reissue look or glam it up by leaving on all the extras....

    phone at NM 310 550 5900 my SA is on a trip to Paris right now but you can get anyone to help you...Good luck finding what you want.
  7. Purrfect, do you know how much more the Pearl reissue is? TIA!
  8. I paid like $2995.00 plus tax. I don't know what the exact price difference is between the black reissue and the black Pearl version.

    I have my pictures in the Chanel reference section:

    Re: Post pictures of your Flap, Classic Flap and Reissues!

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  9. Thanks! :smile: