Black reissue with GHW but what leather would you recommend?

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  1. I finally decide to buy one more new chanel bag in my next trip to italy next month.It'll be the black reissue 226 or 227 for sure but i am curious about the leather.

    All that i've heard is distressed calf and age crack calf(right?).

    Are those all for my choices? what is the difference btw those two type? which one would perfectly match the black color with gold chain?

    what do you guys think? please give me some advice...

    and one question about its gold chain ...IS it only available with so-called vintage gold(looking already old but brand new) HW? or have something else gold HW (like shiny gold or matte gold)?

    sorry for many questions but i already did a search for answer but could not find.TIA:smile:
  2. i believe they are the same
    distressed calf skin gives the "cracking" look
    and yes only vintage- brushed gold

    Reissue is my favorite bag! You gonna love it!!!
  3. distressed calf skin or lamb but not caviar
  4. The reissue comes in many leather now... the tradition one would be distressed calf. But the ones I have seen in the store now is made of caviar. Many TPFers posted some pics in Chanel shopping thread you can go see pic of it there.

    I luv reissue and I do have them in both caviar and distressed calf and I prefer reissue with distressed calf. HTH and GL ;)
  5. Thank you all:biggrin:
  6. I would go with distressed calf too. I'm not used to seeing the reissue in lamp yet. Something looks off :smile:
  7. I love the reissues distressed :heart: My favorites are distressed calf or crackled patent.
  8. ^me too! the latter, my new crush... course distressed calf will always be number 1!
  9. i wonder who actually got the black reissue with ghw and dont like it ? :smile:
  10. crackled patent leather for me!
  11. Distressed calf for me:smile: I love reissues!!! :cloud9:

  12. Me three!!!:P