black reissue w/ pearl

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  1. could anyone tell me wut size does it come w/? I hope they have big size. thx!
  2. Hmm. I'm not familair w. that one
  3. ok. an SA just told me that it wil be around $2900. i think the price is b-cuz of the pearl chain
  4. Wow. That price changes my mind for me. lol. I already have the Chanel pearls. I guess I'll try for the dark silver 227 now.
  5. I saw this bag in Harper's Bazaar USA/June07 pg 180
    It said it was 3,225
  6. I really like this bag. Does anyone know if it's going to come in a 226 or 227 size?
  7. Im not crazy about it. The pearls seem out of place on that bag and they would probably drive me NUTS.
  8. I would be afraid the pearl strand would eventually break.
  9. Yes, I actually tried tugging on the pearls at the trunk show and they seemed really delicate to me. I would be really afraid to use the bag or the pearls...

    Oh and it's definitely $3000+
  10. Hmmm...very delicate indeed....I willl think twice about getting it...
  11. Yes I agree. And my opinion is that it looks just like the old black reissue with just pearls on it. Big price increase!
  12. i just got this bag info from my SA at neiman trunk show, the price will be 2995 for 226 size. it has detachable ( removable) pearl on the bag, you can use the pearl as belt or necklace.
    its gorgeous bag:drool:. but the price just like you buy the bag and the pearl ..
  13. love the look but its too small if it only comes in 225 and too expensive.

    oh well