Black Reissue w/ Gold HW 227

  1. Hi. I'm new!! I've been looking for the black reissue size 227 in gold hardware. I called the 1800# and they said they were sold out. Any help appreciated!
  2. i helped a friend locate a metallic black 227 with SH last friday. Anyway, chanel in hawaii had one. it's the moana lona (sp???) location - ask for Christy.
  3. omg! do you know is there any way i can get my hands on a jumbo patent blush pink leather flap Chanel??? I love it! I want it for my 21st :sad:(( I can't seem to find it anywhere.... sighhhh!!!!

    I have the black reissue in 227 with gold h/w but I got it about 2 months ago? I'm not sure if they still have it now though but wait for next Spring's! I heard there's a red and purple reissue coming out! :yes: